It's a Moving Experience!

Kripalu Yoga Dance is a yoga inspired dance; flowing through postures and guided movement meditations. It is a fusion of yoga flow, chakra-yoga, dance improv, group dance, and free dance. Inspiring music sets an intention to move the body and stir the soul.

It is a way of nourishing, energizing, and feeding your practice, as we move energy through the body. The class will move through the seven energy centers of the body, exploring the inherent qualities within. It arcs like a mountain taking you up to the peak and bringing you gently back down to earth.

Yoga dance is for all. It asks only that you honor your own body and modify the pace to suit your own body's needs. More than anything it is just plain FUN!

Want to celebrate a birthday in a unique way or have the girls over for "girl's night in"? Book a yoga dance party!

About Michele

"The body is our best guide... yoga is all about creating space in the body for breath and space in the mind for joy."

Michele White is a certified yogi with her own studio in Scottsville, VA, just south of Charlottesville.