Hatha Yoga

Through conscious movement and breath we will learn the traditional practices of HATHA yoga. Specific attention is given to postural alignment within each asana in order to create more freedom, strength, and openness in the body.

The classes will include a slow flow, warming up the joints to cultivate flexibility, while leaving enough time to connect to a more complete breath. These weekly classes move dynamically though postures presenting different poses each week; exploring variations and modifications as appropriate.


Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) is included, as are meditative awareness practices. A philosophy of wellness, wholeness, and compassion are often shared in order to generate inspiration in our daily living.


Asanas (yoga poses) do not require any certain body type, amount of strength, or flexibility. As students we are asked only to be present, in our own time and experience opening to all of the possibilities. You do not have to have the perfect mat, clothes, or level of flexibility to come to yoga. Yoga comes to you.

About Michele

"The body is our best guide... yoga is all about creating space in the body for breath and space in the mind for joy."

Michele White is a certified yogi with her own studio in Scottsville, VA, just south of Charlottesville.