Yoga Etiquette

In creating a yoga community that supports every one's collective practice there are a few acts of kindness to remember:

* Maintain a quiet space. Please use quiet tones in conversation and either leave your cell phone at home or make sure you turn the phone off.                                                                                  (studio rules say that if your cell phone disrupts the class, you are asked to bring enough dark chocolate to share with the next class.)                                                                                           

* Sometimes life gets in the way. While we try to maintain a "better late than never" attitude, please keep in mind that coming in late and setting up your mat can be disruptive to those who are   already on their mat beginning their practice. Be considerate.                               

* If you don't want to miss a class, but know you have to keep a tight schedule causing you to need to leave early, please do so before we begin the final relaxation pose.                                       

* Fragrance free. Keep in mind that perfumes and oils can be challenging to someone who is sensitive to scent.      

* Sacred space. The studio is home to our yoga community. Please remove your shoes when entering and help to keep the space tidy by putting away props and pillows.

* Yoga is all about flexibilty. Not just in the body, but also in mind and attitude. Environments change, conditions shift, moods alter-- these things are all part of the practice. As you find yourself in resistant places, breath in to them, watch your thoughts and your judgements. While we can all be considerate of each other's space, experiences aren't always perfect. Practice the art of letting go.

Yoga Policy                    

* Just like any business, the studio relies on income to stay open and running. While you always have the option to adjust your payment plan, the monthly plan works just like any "gym membership." If you miss a class, you have the option to make up that class at any other time during the month. However, "missed" classes can not be deducted or credited in the next month.

* Choosing the drop in rate gives you the option to come as you wish. That per class option is $15. for anyone who wants to maintain the flexibility to an open schedule and not accumulate "missed" classes.

* Expiration Dates: Class cards for the noon class have a 2 month expiration. Gift Certificates have a year expiration.

About Michele

"The body is our best guide... yoga is all about creating space in the body for breath and space in the mind for joy."

Michele White is a certified yogi with her own studio in Scottsville, VA, just south of Charlottesville.